Santa Monica Live Play Through

I’m now live streaming to Twitch and Facebook Live concurrently. I solo-ed Paperback last night and tonight we played the new game from AEG, Santa Monica. Michelle and I really liked this one: it’s got a neat little spatial element to it, where you’re trying to line up icons in the right place as well as get your meeples to their respective spots. Here’s the replay from Facebook Live:

BoardGameGeekTV: Game Night!

I had a blast hanging out with Lincoln, Nikki, Scott, and Ross today over on BoardGameGeekTV. We played Hues and Cues during a live Game Night! episode and it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of food talk, which made me hungry by the end of the show. I’m looking forward to joining the BGG crew again for a game. On a full stomach, of course.

(I’m not sure what’s going on with Twitch’s embed below, so here’s a link to the replay)

Instagram Live: Abandon All Artichokes

I did a live chat with Emma Larkins, the designer of Abandon All Artichokes, over on Instagram (replay below). It was fun learning about the development of her family-style deck-building game. And tonight I’m playing Abandon All Artichokes with my family as we continue our Facebook Live at Five series of gaming streams.

Meepleville Live Stream

Thanks to Timm Metivier and Grant over at Meepleville – Board Game Cafe for having me on their weekly live stream on Wednesday! It was fun playing the first iteration of Stonemaier Games’s Rolling Realms and talking about our top three games that need a sequel. Meepleville represents the best of the gaming community and they’re providing a wonderful digital space for people to connect. It’s great to see they’re open for curbside pickup and I’m looking forward to the day I can visit Meepleville again. (Fast forward to 1:37:00 to see our top three lists)

One Whole Month of Live Streaming

I didn’t expect to live stream a game every day for 31 days straight. Then again, I didn’t expect a pandemic to change the world seemingly overnight.

Thanks to my family for live streaming with me since March 18th. Every day at 5pm Pacific we went Live at Five and played a different game on Facebook Live. Here’s the one we did tonight for On Tour, which you can play along with if you have your own score sheet (you can download one here). We did this as a way to stay connected with our family and friends, and as an added bonus it gave all of us a nice bit of structure to our daily lives as we got through the first month of the Stay at Home order.

We’re taking a break this weekend, but we’re not done. Season two of our Live at Five live streams begins on Monday!