Day 264: Peanutized

I've been Peanutized!

I’ve been Peanutized!

My generation LOVED the Peanuts cartoons. The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree, the piano theme … they’re all an indelible part of my childhood. It’s a testament to Charles Schulz’s genius that the Peanuts are still published in the newspapers years after his death.

While I doubt that I’ll see the new Peanuts movie when it’s released in November, I did enjoy Peanutizing myself on their promotional website. I was cracking up because I have all of the clothes that were available to the male character, so I dressed it up with I would wear on a casual weekend. The only thing missing was my facial hair.

It seems like all of my social media feeds were filled with the fun little characters from the gang today. And that’s not a bad thing at all.