The Day in Gaming, September 2, 2019: Railroad Ink

I’m posting about a game every day in September! Here’s a link to yesterday’s post.

Railroad Ink was an instant hit with my main gaming group. We’re all fans of roll-and-writes, some more than others, but for the most part everyone is willing to play them. I like them because they’re usually easy to teach and take a short amount of time to play. And thanks to the recent explosion of roll-and-write games, these can be more engaging and strategic than older roll-and-writes like Yahtzee.

In Railroad Ink you roll four dice with various rails and/or roads depicted on them. It’s up to you to write them anywhere in your city grid. That’s it!

Of course, it’s not that easy. To score points you’ll try to connect your network(s) of rails and/or roads to the exits along the edges of your map. The more exits your network(s) connect to, the more points you score. You’ll also score points for any part of your network that is drawn in the center of your grid. Finally, you’ll score your longest rail route and your longest road route. Rails and roads are not required to connect to each other, but for every missing connection you’ll lose a point.

Railroad Ink is much more puzzly than I expected and it’s a fun solo challenge as well. Tonight I dusted off my copy for a quick game and after the first turn I remembered why I enjoy this game so much. The basic game play is so easy to learn: roll dice, then write down what you see. But it goes so much deeper than that, as you try to plan your perfect network of connected routes. It’s a great feeling when you roll that rail or road piece that you needed to complete a long route.

The Day In Gaming, September 1, 2019: Wingspan

It’s been too long since my last blog-every-day-for-a-month challenge. Let’s do it again! I’ll post about a game every day in September. First up: Wingspan.

I was able to teach this today during the local Sunday Funday gaming meetup. I still love this game and I enjoy teaching and playing with new players. It’s fun seeing them enjoy Wingspan as much as I do (be sure to check out Theo’s outstanding Wingspan video).

Speaking of Stonemaier Games, Tapestry is getting all the buzz with many of my gaming friends. We’re excited about a civilization game that plays in about two hours and has the high quality components that we’ve come to expect from Stonemaier.

See you tomorrow!

Day 273: Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

The September heat wave is nearly over, so it was the perfect opportunity to fight off the cold … and an unending wave of zombies.

Actually, it was another warm night, but my local gaming group got into a cold-weather mood and played Dead of Winter. I enjoyed it despite having one of my characters die immediately, thanks to a horrible first roll of the die. It happened so fast I forgot her name, but I did miss her search skills for the rest of the game. My lone survivor was the ninja and he proved quite adept at slicing and dicing zombies.

Dead of Winter is a terrific co-operative game with a traitor element. The theme is outstanding if you’re into zombies and the tension level ramps up quickly as characters try to scrounge up food, fuel, medicine, and weapons. The traitor managed to complete his mission (it was between me and him and I was expelled since I was going to die of frostbite anyways) as we all succumbed to our lost morale.