Fantasy Football

No Limit Texas Hold Em

No Limit Texas Hold Em

My annual fantasy football draft was today, so there is no board gaming to talk about. Actually, I did score used copies of Takenoko and Imperial Settlers for over half off MSRP, thanks to a auction. I picked up the games on the way to the draft, so that was nice.

It was all about football today, though. My league held its 17th annual draft and there were plenty of jokes about old age. Every year we tell the same types of jokes about players and we still laugh every time. We also joke about each others’ teams and how bad they are, or we praise others’ teams before trashing it. And every year there are more and more jokes about old age.

We don’t do board games, but we do poker. It’s not as much as our younger years (before everybody started getting married and having children), but when we do it’s like the fantasy football draft itself: we laugh at the same jokes and enjoy each others’ company.

While the poker sessions no longer rage all night and into the morning, it’s still the best time with this group of guys. I can’t wait to do the same thing next year.

Day 146: A Moose in the House

There's a Moose in the House

There’s a Moose in the House

My wife picked up a copy of There’s A Moose in the House at Barnes & Noble. It was in the clearance section, so she only paid two bucks ($9.99 list price) for a light and entertaining card game.

The theme, artwork, and object of the game are funny. You are trying to fill your opponent’s house with moose by playing moose cards onto empty room cards. There are also door cards to close empty rooms to keep the moose out and “moose trap” cards that remove moose from a room, leaving it available for another moose to enter. After the deck is exhausted, moose in your house are counted; the player with the fewest is the winner.

It’s a simple game and takes about 15 minutes to play. The instructions are a bit longer than necessary and somewhat unclear until a run-through or two. After a few warm-up games, you’ll be giggling as you and your opponents try to bring rampaging moose through each others’ homes.

We liked the game, but I doubt it will be part of our regular rotation of games. It might play better with more players; it was okay with 2 players, but up to 5 can play and I think our nieces and nephew will enjoy it. Still, I can’t think of many better ways to be entertained for two bucks.