Day 65: F Is For Friday


Belly Buster in Alhambra, CA


Three Fs for Friday:

1. F is for Five K: I hit up the trail this morning with my wife for our latest craze: 5K Friday. Not sure if it’s a trending hashtag, but this is our way of getting our weekends off to the right start. It always feels nice to put in a few miles at the end of the week.

2. F is for Farmer’s Market: We bought fresh fruit and veggies today at the farmer’s market. The oranges we scored were local, organic, and delicious. The veggies will be used for smoothies: my wife is a genius when it comes to making sure I get my daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

3. F is for Flashback Friday: All of the healthy living and eating today was in anticipation of my return trip to Belly Buster Sandwich Shoppe in Alhambra, CA. I haven’t had a Belly Buster sandwich in over 20 years and I’m happy to report that they still taste the same: delicious. It’s not the best sandwich I’ve ever had, but it’s comforting to know that nothing has changed over the years. Their menu still consists of the cute names for the various sizes of the sandwiches: Belly Buster, Belly Button, and Dimple. Back in the day there were several Belly Busters at Southern California malls, but they’ve been whittled down to the original location in Alhambra. I’m not complaining one bit, either. As much as I love the Belly Buster (truth: I got the Belly Button), my waistline can’t handle these gut-busters that well these days.