Day 187: The Audience Is Watching

American Outlaws

American Outlaws

I liked Dave Zirin’s piece this morning, “Why I’m Done Defending Women’s Sports,” especially when he wrote, “Frankly, it’s insulting to the athletes involved to even conceive of it as if they need defending. It’s time to go on offense. It’s time to write more about women’s sports and be part of the grassroots struggle to do what the sports networks and sports-radio talking potatoes won’t do, and that’s tell the stories of what is happening in women’s sports.”

The numbers back him up. The final last night drew over 22 million U.S. viewers, which shattered the record for most-watched soccer game (men or women) and put it on the same level as last year’s World Series Game 7 and this year’s NBA Finals Game 6.

While the women’s game worldwide is not as popular as the men’s version yet, the packed bars, private parties, and growing legions of American Outlaws are proof that the audience is there.

Day 173: USA 2, Columbia 0


The first knockout game of the Women’s World Cup for the USA was against Columbia. I thought the Americans would outclass the Columbians and sure enough that’s what happened. Although the US offense continues to struggle, the defense has been outstanding, with its third shutout in a row.

We watched the game with our fellow American Outlaws and munched on pigs in a blanket and loaded tater tots. The local Outlaws group hasn’t been as vocal as they were for the men’s team, but it’s still a passionate fan base. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a run to the finals, but I may have to cut down on the bar munchies if I’m going to fit into my USA gear by the time the final rolls around.