The Day in Gaming, September 12, 2019: Shards of Infinity: Relics of the Future

I’m posting about a game every day in September! Here’s a link to yesterday’s post.

Tonight I just had to play a solo game of Shards of Infinity tonight since I reviewed it for the most recent episode of The Five By (go here to download). While the base game didn’t have a solo option, the Relics of the Future expansion added solitaire rules.

Like other deck-building games, Shards of Infinity follows the basic script: each player has their own starting cards, plays five on their turn and spends resources to gain more cards from the display or deal damage to their opponent. What Shards does so well is get to the heavy action right away: instead of a slow churn to improve your deck, Shards gives you a chance to start hitting those big combos after only a few turns.

Go listen to the episode to learn more about the game and hear my thoughts. I’ll be back tomorrow with another post about another game.