Day 79: Fido Friday



Ah, March Madness is in full swing. My alma mater’s UC sister schools played well, going 1-1, thanks to UCLA’s upset of SMU. They could’ve been 2-0, but UC Irvine fell a basket short of advancing. It was a great showing for the Big West tournament champion.

The early rounds are always my favorite because of the non-stop action and upsets. Thanks to the Internet, it’s now easier than ever to watch all of the games no matter where you are, although this isn’t always a good thing. Game notifications blowing up your phone isn’t the best way to maintain your concentration during the day. The stress level goes up as you sweat over one of your deep picks possibly being upset in the first round.

Thankfully, my buddy Bruno helped me relax when I got home on this Fido Friday. I hope he’s ready to do a little extra relaxation therapy as the tournament continues.

Day 54: Pug Life

Bruno the pug.

Bruno the pug.

It’s been raining the last two days and even though it’s good for us Southern California residents, I get antsy when I can’t go¬†outside to exercise. I haven’t had a gym membership in years and I prefer it that way. I do miss lifting weights sometimes, but my modes of exercise these days consists of walking, running, or riding my bike. Does playing one of the Dance Central or Just Dance video games count as exercise?

My buddy Bruno (pictured above) is ready for the rain to stop, too. He’s not a video game fan, but he does miss going out to the park for his dose of exercise.